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Guests comments:

Hi Gaby, Everything came out great, and we enjoyed it a lot.  I think we will return in two years, for the Pantanal Route and the Missions. Thanks for sending those suitcases to us in Tarabuco.  What beautiful weavings they make there and in Maragua! Sucre and Potosí were unforgettable, but the best was the night walk between the “islands” on the salt flat. Or was it the toast with the flamingos of the Colored Lagoon?  Flat-tires? Only three. Camping equipment?  Good, cozy and warm. The landscapes? Not too bad, as Rosemarie would say. Thank you for all the details big and small in your organization. Best of luck.

Martín and Hanna - From Santa Cruz to Cochabamba, passing by way of Sucre, Potosí and the Uyuni Salt Flat in 12 days 4Wd Itineraries


Tours of 22 to 31 days

Do you only have a month to make the most of seeing Bolivia? Have you heard that there is more to Bolivia than just Lake Titicaca and the Island of the Sun?

Why not add from one of our many tours, as shown on this website, to explore the whole of Bolivia! You will have chance to do some of your favourite activities as well as combining them with enjoying Bolivia's diverse scenery.

Gradually discover Bolivia from the Amazon or Pantanal (swamp region) rising to the higher altitudes of Lake Titicaca and the Uyuni Salt Flats.

Please write to us for our expert advice on our best choices of places and activities and fully experience the ultimate destination, Bolivia.

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