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Guests comments:

We’ve shared some marvelous moments with Michael, he’s an excellent guide, he’s
explored every corner and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the area, great respect for nature and its inhabitants, and a real enthusiasm for the region. We thoroughly
enjoyed all of our tour with him, finding fantastic views and a lot of wildlife. The cooks made tasty dishes, have a great sense of humor, and Hector is a magician carrying all the cargo on his burros. Highly recommended. Good-guau Shatzie!

Aiko and Barbara - Five days of trekking in Amboró National Park, from Abra de los Toros to the River Lajas Canyon. Community based Ecoturim


Horseback riding


A tour for even the beginner. The experience of horseback riding for one or two days on centuries-old riding trails used during colonial times is a fascinating journey rich in beautiful landscapes and encounters with culture, flora and fauna. Our 2-days HB03 route is similar to tour HB01, but the more relaxed pace will allow us to enjoy interpretive nature walks, camping out with our horses nearby, a campfire dinner and the photogenic sunset and sunrise. You also save the “overnighting in Samaipata before departing” recommended for the 1 long day tour HB01.


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